Baking with Julia: Best Ever Brownies


These brownies were oh so gooey, chocolaty and delicious!  The name “Best Ever” is pretty accurate if you love brownies that are almost raw in consistency and I know there are a lot of people out there who do.  My roommate of 5 years when I lived in Brooklyn, NY was one of them.  She liked every baked good to be almost raw; cookies, pancakes, banana bread, you name it.  I definitely do not like super cakey brownies, but these were a touch too gooey for me to agree with the “best ever” moniker.  This might be because I took them out of the oven right at the 23 minute mark (when the recipe instructs you to first check them), thinking they were done because they certainly looked done on the surface and the recipe states they will be best if just barely set.  I fear they were less than barely set.  In any case, they were still really good, even though we needed to eat them with a spoon, and oh, some vanilla ice cream.  My husband and I ate these almost every night until they were gone.  Oink, oink. 

For what it’s worth, my favorite brownie recipe comes from Bon Appétit.  The recipe comes together much faster than Julia Child’s, and they are still very rich and dense, but with a gooey factor that’s a little more my speed. 

To read the recipe in full, check out the great post on A Beautiful Mess.


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5 thoughts on “Baking with Julia: Best Ever Brownies

  1. There is something about gooey brownies and ice cream that just go perfectly together. Mine baked more like a fudgy brownie, but they were still delicious.

  2. Thanks for sharing the Bon Appetit recipe. I’ve pinned it to try. =) Love your bowl.

  3. I am not a fan of gooey brownies either, but I do admit that they went great with ice cream! The brownies did have a good flavour to them.

  4. teaandscones

    Definitely an ooey gooey fan here. Spoons are always good for brownies. With or without ice cream

  5. I am one who likes baked goods a tad underdone – but not quite so underdone. Your favorite brownie link looks fabulously decadent!

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