Baking with Julia: Finnish Pulla Bread

Finnish Pulla 007
Well, this was certainly an easier yeast bread to make than the Cranberry Pumpkin bread from October and I’m happy to say more of a success.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the taste of October’s bread, it just didn’t look as pretty as the Finnish Pulla. I have a feeling in addition to a braided bread being automatically beautiful, the fact that I really kneaded the heck out of this bread helped increase the beauty factor.
Finnish Pulla 005
Now, I wish I had only good things to report.  I fear I bought and used the wrong kind of cardamom pods.  At our local specialty food store (which is where I had to go because the “regular” grocery store does not carry such a spice), there was the choice of green or black pods.  I went with the black thinking they looked easier to crack open.  Indeed, they were pretty easy to pry open but the seeds emitted an odor that I wasn’t thrilled by.  Imagine dank, smokey earth.  Not necessarily a smell you would associate with a yummy sweet bread.  Despite this mix up, the rest of the bread’s ingredients seemed to over power the black cardamom and I got rave reviews from my one taste tester, my husband.
I consulted a YouTube video for tips on how to braid the bread.  While mine didn’t look exactly like the one on the video, it still came out better than I would have guessed.  I sure was wishing for a deeper and longer counter top when rolling out the 36 inch ropes of dough!
Finnish Pulla 006
You can see and read more about this recipe over at The Daily Morsel.
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8 thoughts on “Baking with Julia: Finnish Pulla Bread

  1. that is a cute higgledy-piggledy braid! The bread sure tasted good!

  2. I have never even heard of black cardamom. Glad to hear the bread was still delicious. It certainly is the prettiest bread we have made thus far.

  3. Teresa

    I hear you about counter space – I had to roll them out in a sort of Z-shape in order to have room for 36 inches.

  4. Bummer on the cardamom. Bummer on the counter (although I can relate!). But great job on the final product!

  5. I didn’t know cardamom came in different colours. I only saw green ones at the store I went to. I wonder if the black is more for savoury dishes?
    I too was running out of space when rolling out the strands of dough!
    Glad your bread still turned out though. It looks good. I have been enjoying mine for a few days. (been toasting it)

  6. I used ground cardamon but the mix up between the black and green pods is understandable. I am looking for green pods next time I get near a specialty store! Blessings and Merry Christmas!

  7. Yeah, I had trouble finding space to roll out those long ropes. I have never seen black pods before–how interesting! This sure was a yummy bread, wasn’t it?

  8. Thirty-six inches is crazy long isn’t it! Your loaf turned out great – glad the flavor was OK too. ~Happy Holidays!

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